Glass Top Kitchen Table Sets

glass top kitchen table sets

    glass top
  • Any table whose playing field is covered by a sheet of glass. Prevalent in pubs in England.

  • This refers to a foosball table that is topped with glass.

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Glass #1

Glass #1

Details: this is lit by aiming two AB800 strobes at white foam core behind the glass. I discovered during the Strobist "water" assignment that blowing out a white background behind solid glass or water-filled glass would give great contrast between the edges and the center of the water/glass where the light would come through.

I increased contrast and dodged the base and brightened up the wine in Photoshop. I'm planning to repeat this with colored water in the hopes of getting brighter ruby "wine" without any post production.

Exposure was 1/250 at f/22 on a Canon 10D with a Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 EX

Round Wooden Kitchen Table

Round Wooden Kitchen Table

Round Wooden Kitchen Table
Ethan Allen - American Traditional
42" in diameter
Extension leaf: 9.75" wide (not pictured)
Shiny & smooth surface - excellent condition - very steady
Easy to assemble (legs come off for transport)
Price: $200

glass top kitchen table sets

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Large Wood Tables. Bistro Tables Wood. Round Wood Dining Room Tables

Large Wood Tables

large wood tables

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large wood tables - MLCS 9072

MLCS 9072 Safety Motor Power Switch

MLCS 9072 Safety Motor Power Switch

MLCS Safety -inchMotor-inch Power Switch Now you can replace or upgrade the power switches on your woodworking machinery. This convenient, mechanical push button switch features a large paddle -inchSTOP-inch, to allow you to quickly shut off power to your 120VAC machinery. Placing the switch where you can use your hip or knee to bump it into the -inchoff-inch position gives you the freedom to never take your hands off the workpiece to turn off the machine. Needs to be hardwired to the router motor and to power cord. Surface mounts. Max. 20 amps. Will work with 110 or 220 volt motors.20 AmpsWill work with 110 or 220 volt motorslarge paddle -inchSTOP-inch, to allow you to quickly shut off powerNeeds to be Hardwired

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12x16 Custom Distressed Barn Wood Style Chalkboard Sign Frame-You Pick The Color

12x16 Custom Distressed Barn Wood Style Chalkboard Sign Frame-You Pick The Color

For sale is a LARGE 12"x16" wood chalkboard sign frame - painted & distressed and washed to look antiqued & vintage... YOU PICK THE COLOR you'd like ... Just name it! Perfect for your country - Southern - farmhouse - beach - cottage - eco friendly - shabby yet oh so chic home!

These chalkboards do NOT stand on there own. You will need to lean them up against something or twine can be added so they hang.

Table Pieces

Table Pieces

All the African Makore pieces cut to size and ready to make three tables.
Remaining to do next is to form the mortis and tenon joints then tapper the legs and assemble the tables.

large wood tables

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Legs For Coffee Tables. Modern Dining Table Toronto. Crackle Glass Table Tops

Legs For Coffee Tables

legs for coffee tables

    coffee tables
  • While any small and low table can be, and is, called a coffee table, the term is applied particularly to the sets of three or four tables made from about 1790; of which the latter were called 'quartetto tables'.

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Yopper Coffee Table

Yopper Coffee Table

Product description:
The sumptuous Yopper Coffee Table will leave your guests in awe. Its impressively delicate features and very fashionable look, will add panache to any lounge. Original and striking design, stunningly detailed with four legs. It can be placed close to the sofa or along a wall for your convenience.
Under the table, special surprise, revolutionary system of relaxing and sensual feet massage. You just have to put your feet up and Yopper?s system will massage them and you’ll enjoy coffee with a big smile. Two speeds and three intensity scales: Innocent, Hot and Naughty. And the most important, without batteries... You don’t need go to the cinema for having good fun, the Yopper Coffe Table is the answer... Coffee and pleasure at the same time, you can forget the DVD or the PlayStation...

Care instructions:
Daily shower, assortment sandwiches and beer.
Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Handle with care, there are very sensible parts. A strike, knock or scratch can cause Yopper Coffee Table to crack suddenly. However, only into small pieces, never into sharp fragments.

Yopper Corporation, your pleasure is our pleasure...

Caracteristicas del Producto:
La suntuosa y hermosa Mesa de Cafe Yopper dejara a sus invitados con la boca abierta. Sus terminaciones de lujo y su colorido, daran un toque especial a cualquier salon. Original y vanguardista diseno con cuatro patas. Es perfecta para ser colocada junto al sofa o en cualquier pared, nunca desentonara.
Debajo de la mesa encontrara una sorpresa, un sistema revolucionario para masajear sus pies. Unicamente tiene que colocar los pies sobre la Mesa de Cafe Yopper y sentira un placentero y relajante masaje. Cuenta con dos velocidades y tres niveles de intensidad: Inocente, Caliente y Pecador. Y lo mas importante, no necesita baterias. Ya no tiene que ir al cine para obtener una gran diversion, la Mesa de Cafe Yopper es la respuesta. Cafe y placer al mismo tiempo, olvidese del Dvd o de la Playstation.

Instrucciones para el cuidado:
Ducha diaria, bocatas y cerveza.
Secar con un pano limpio.

Manipular con delicadeza, la mesa tiene partes muy delicadas. En caso de golpe o accidente, no se preocupe, la Mesa de Cafe Yopper se rompera por trozos.

La empresa Yopper siempre a su servicio, su placer es nuestro placer…

Small White Side Table

Small White Side Table

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN--This adorable table has cut leg "profiles" suggesting a paper version of a curvier table. So great! The size is also excellent for smaller Singapore apartments, or for that perfect nook. The fresh white color makes it easy to match with anything.

legs for coffee tables

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Lexington Dining Table. Mahogany Breakfast Table. Oval White Dining Table.

Lexington Dining Table

lexington dining table

    dining table
  • A table is a type of furniture comprising an open, flat surface supported by a base or legs. It may be used to hold articles such as food or papers at a convenient or comfortable height when sitting, and is therefore often used in conjunction with chairs.

  • A table on which meals are served in a dining room

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  • (Dining Tables) The first dining tables of which survivors remain are the type known as refectory tables. They are made usually of oak, and one of the earliest, at Penshurst Place in Kent, has a typical thick top of joined planks supported on three separate trestles.

  • A residential town in northeastern Massachusetts, northwest of Boston; pop. 28,970. In 1775, it was the scene of the first battle in the American Revolution

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  • a city in eastern Kentucky; noted for raising thoroughbred horses

  • The Lexington was an automobile manufactured in Connersville, Indiana, from 1910 to 1927. From the beginning, Lexingtons, like most other Indiana-built automobiles, were assembled cars, built with components from many different suppliers.

  • A city in central Kentucky; pop. 260,512. It is a noted horse-breeding center

lexington dining table - Mercury Double

Mercury Double Etagere by Lexington - Satin Black Finish (332-991)

Mercury Double Etagere by Lexington - Satin Black Finish (332-991)

Can a bold look catch your eye and never let go? Can the purity of Black and White still dazzle your senses? Introducing the point where form and function meet fashion and style. Black Ice redefines classic contemporary design. Built architectural shapes and the sparkle of polished silver against satin black transform the comfortable look of Campaign styling into one unforgettable style. Clean lines, recessed pulls, and distinctive corner hardware are make each piece unique and elegant. Welcome to Black Ice by Lexington Home Brands.

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Lexington Market

Lexington Market

Baltimore's fragrant, gleaming Lexington Market, the world's largest,
continuously running market for more than six generations, marks its 220th
anniversary this year.
Old as the nation itself, Lexington Market has been a wonderful Baltimore
tradition since 1782 at the original site it occupies today, on Lexington Street,
between Eutaw and Greene Streets.
General John Eager Howard, a hero of the American Revolution, donated the
land for the market, named for the Battle of Lexington, on his return from the war. It had been a pasture on his family's vast estate, a tract spreading north and west to where Washington's monument and General Howard's statue now stand.
Without waiting for streets, sheds or stalls, outlying farmers converged on the site as soon as General Howard gave the word. They trundled up 'in great Conestoga wagons, their horses strung with bells, making their own roads . On the rolling green yard, they spread out hams, butter, eggs, turkeys and produce.
Merchants joined the farmers in setting up a purchase and barter exchange for grain, hay, farm staples and livestock. Farmers spent all night loading their wares and traveling the twenty miles from Towson and Reisterstown, with sales beginning at dawn.
Not until 1803 did a shed go up at Eutaw and Lexington Streets. From then on, The Market grew by leaps and bounds until the formal marketplace sprawled over another block to Greene Street. At first, the place was only opened Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 2:00 AM till noon, the starting and closing historic bell ringing for 145 years.
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson passed the vicinity as they rode horseback to and from their Virginia estates and Philadelphia, the nations capital.
Famed statesman Daniel Webster visited the scene in 1785, and later the arts were represented by such visitors as painter James McNeill and novelist William Thackeray. When Ralph Waldo Emerson visited The Market he proclaimed Baltimore the "gastronomic capital of the world."
Perhaps it was the timing, but with its name change from Western Precincts
Market to Lexington Market, Howards Hill became one of the wonders of the 19th century. In 1817, the city finally arrived at its boundaries and took over. Five years later The Market was extolled by the visiting United States Attorney General William Wirt, who wrote to his daughter in Washington that: "You may conceive the vast quantity of provisions that must be brought to this market when you are told that 60,000 people draw their daily supplies from ' which is more than twice as many people as there are 'in Washington, Georgetown,
Alexandria and Richmond, all in one."
Growth of Baltimore Town up and over Howard's Hill had made it the nation's
second largest city. Turnpikes linked it to Harrisburg and Richmond, with lines of wagon teams, rumbling north and south to this bustling junction of bay, canal and turnpike. Lexington Market was the hub. From Pennsylvania, Cumberland and
Virginia countrymen traveled three and four days to hawk their butter, winter
apples, handmade socks, yarn gloves and hams at The Market.
By mid 19th century, Lexington Market has acquired its full growth and was hailed everywhere as the largest and best market on earth. Although commission merchants moved into the picture, nearby farmers, who preferred to keep the huckster's profit, jammed the area with as many as 600 wagons on Saturdays.
After the Civil War, and through the turn of the 20th century, Lexington Market
was a recognized social center for the most democratic traditions. Social
leaders exchanged trade gossip about current news and produce prices.
Atmosphere abounded. Street singers, musicians, fortune tellers and
evangelists competed with soap box economists for shoppers attention.
Gourmet dining took place at oilcloth covered tables set in teeming aisles.
As new tides of immigration swept into the nation, Lexington Market acquired
new blood among it's stall keepers and exotic foods on its counters. In 1916, a Greek-Italian peanut war cut prices 3 cents a quart and prompted a stall sign blasting; " Remember, We Do Not Sell Common Peanuts Here."
By 1925, there were over 1,000 stalls under 3 block-long sheds. In addition,
there were as many stands and carts outside and traffic in the area had become a problem. "Lexington Market must go" declared an exasperated Mayor Preston in 1912. "Whether the tenants desire it or not."
But Lexington Market refused to go, despite many attacks. Though street stalls were banned by Mayor Jackson's Traffic Committee in 1935, they not only survived but seemed to multiply with the publicity. In 1937 the movement to replace the old buildings with something new and modem was well under way, but the plans stayed on the drawing board until 1949.
In that year, what civic leaders seemed unable to do in a decade, happened
overnight in a six-alarm fire that raged in the main buildings, destroyed
$2,000,000 wo

Hazelnut & Chocolate Torte w/Yogurt Sorbet

Hazelnut & Chocolate Torte w/Yogurt Sorbet

W.A. Frost and Company, St. Paul, MN. April 2nd, 2007.

Historic Hill District ** (added 1976 - District - #76001067)
Also known as See Also:Blair Flats
Irregular pattern from Pleasant and Grand Aves. to Holly and Marshall Aves., from Lexington Pkwy. to 4th and Pleasant, St. Paul

Historic Significance: Architecture/Engineering
Architect, builder, or engineer: Multiple
Architectural Style: Late Victorian, Late 19th And 20th Century Revivals
Area of Significance: Architecture
Period of Significance: 1850-1874, 1875-1899, 1900-1924
Owner: Private , Local Gov't
Historic Function: Domestic, Religion
Historic Sub-function: Religious Structure, Single Dwelling
Current Function: Domestic, Religion
Current Sub-function: Multiple Dwelling, Religious Structure, Single Dwelling

lexington dining table

lexington dining table

Dining Table of Lexington Collection by Homelegance

Taking cue from traditional European styling, the Lexington Collection lends the elegance that you are looking for in your traditional romantic bedroom. Traditional case tops give way to the generous feminine curves of bombe styling; framed paneling accentuates the mansion headboard and pine veneers are illuminated in a warm brown finish. Antiqued bronzed finish bale hardware serves as accent. Drawers feature full extension ball-bearing glides. Dimensions:
44 x 78 - 94 - 110 x 30H
Some assembly may be required. Please see product details.

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Living Room Tables For Sale

living room tables for sale

    living room
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  • A living room, also known as sitting room, lounge room or lounge (in the United Kingdom and Australia), is a room for entertaining guests, reading, watching TV or other activities.

  • The Living Room is a music venue on Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side in New York City that was established in 1988.

  • A room in a house for general and informal everyday use

    for sale
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  • For Sale is a tour EP by Say Anything. It contains 3 songs from …Is a Real Boy and 2 additional b-sides that were left off the album.

  • For Sale is the fifth album by German pop band Fool's Garden, released in 2000.

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Living Room

Living Room

Strobist Info: SB-24 behind couch shot into reflective umbrella. SB-800 in kitchen nook directed up towards ceiling. SB-24 camera right directed at ceiling.

These are the shots we took and gave to the listing service to sell our house. Taking your can be much better than the ones they take.

This is our living room area, which is quite large. As part of preparing to sell this, we removed a ton of stuff, including a large chair, a small side table, exercise bike and more.

Dining Room Table (SOLD) & Table Runner (SOLD)

Dining Room Table (SOLD) & Table Runner (SOLD)

Mission Style Dining Room Table, Solid Wood: Paid: $650.00/Asking: $375.00

Dims: 40" x 84"

Purchased on Craig's List. Second owner, original owner brought back from custom shop in Missouri.

Custom Table Runner, Silk Embroidered with Linen Edge - Paid: $324.00/Asking: $140.00

Mignone Interiors

living room tables for sale

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