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Small Oak Kitchen Table

small oak kitchen table

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New Hutch

New Hutch

Here is my "new" small hutch which is two pieces (my other one is one piece and takes about 5 men to move it with many stops due to the complete massive weight! When we have moved in the past, my husband has made sure I knew exactly where it would go prior to any hauling. I have had to had them re-move it one time when our older home had such a small dining area that the hutch made sitting at the table difficult and it did not look good, so I had them move it to the entry way of the living room where it looked ok. I have a large kitchen/dining room now and the hutch fits fine but the stain is just so dark and the process to restain would be too much of a project and one my hubby said "let's not!" I love my new little one and the oak color is perfect and matches all other wood in the kitchen including my island and dining table.



My husbands' project for the last several months. Finally! Almost complete, he just needs to finish the doors. It is beautiful and in a small kitchen means I have room to put things were I can get to them!!! And I promise not to clutter the top with junk...really. :-)

small oak kitchen table

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