Antique Claw Table

antique claw table

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antique claw table - Dining Table

Dining Table with Ball & Claw Design Legs Antique White Finish

Dining Table with Ball & Claw Design Legs Antique White Finish

Dimension: 94"L x 45"W x 31 1/4"H Finish: Antique White Material: Birch Solids, Veneers Dining Table with Ball & Claw Design Legs Antique White Finish Features carved detail ball & claw design legs. Table top edge is carved. Perfect choice for gather friends and family with this elegance item. Elaborate carvings and sophisticated rich color make this dining table to decorate your interior. Matching dining chairs and buffet hutch are available separately. Also available in cherry. Assemble required.

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20110711 Selected Antiques 0007

20110711 Selected Antiques 0007

This is the smaller of 2 claw-footed drum tables I've got. Appears to be mahogany. One drawer. There is some damage to the top, most likely from water.

march09 005

march09 005

Mission table with 2 hidden leaves

antique claw table

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