Large Wood Tables. Bistro Tables Wood. Round Wood Dining Room Tables

Large Wood Tables

large wood tables

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large wood tables - MLCS 9072

MLCS 9072 Safety Motor Power Switch

MLCS 9072 Safety Motor Power Switch

MLCS Safety -inchMotor-inch Power Switch Now you can replace or upgrade the power switches on your woodworking machinery. This convenient, mechanical push button switch features a large paddle -inchSTOP-inch, to allow you to quickly shut off power to your 120VAC machinery. Placing the switch where you can use your hip or knee to bump it into the -inchoff-inch position gives you the freedom to never take your hands off the workpiece to turn off the machine. Needs to be hardwired to the router motor and to power cord. Surface mounts. Max. 20 amps. Will work with 110 or 220 volt motors.20 AmpsWill work with 110 or 220 volt motorslarge paddle -inchSTOP-inch, to allow you to quickly shut off powerNeeds to be Hardwired

77% (11)

12x16 Custom Distressed Barn Wood Style Chalkboard Sign Frame-You Pick The Color

12x16 Custom Distressed Barn Wood Style Chalkboard Sign Frame-You Pick The Color

For sale is a LARGE 12"x16" wood chalkboard sign frame - painted & distressed and washed to look antiqued & vintage... YOU PICK THE COLOR you'd like ... Just name it! Perfect for your country - Southern - farmhouse - beach - cottage - eco friendly - shabby yet oh so chic home!

These chalkboards do NOT stand on there own. You will need to lean them up against something or twine can be added so they hang.

Table Pieces

Table Pieces

All the African Makore pieces cut to size and ready to make three tables.
Remaining to do next is to form the mortis and tenon joints then tapper the legs and assemble the tables.

large wood tables

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